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Reward and Recognition

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Winner of the Stevie Awards, the most prestigious awards in the business world, Thanxie makes your company values to be easily adopted and become widespread.

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A transparent and fun next-generation reward and recognition application with an easy and flexible structure, which is aligned with the company’s culture and values and built on an employee-oriented approach.

Aiming to spread recognition, appreciation and gratitude habits among your employees, the Next Generation Reward and Recognition Application Thanxie has been developed by SabancıDx with the most up-to-date technological infrastructure, focusing on human resources processes and employee expectations. As a mobile application, it is accessible from anywhere at any time, so distances will not matter for you, and your internal communication will be stronger.

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Create a happy work environment with Thanxie

Enhance Internal Communication

  • With the employee-oriented structure of Thanxie, the next generation reward and recognition application where you can ensure communication and interaction among your employees independently of time and space, you can boost your employees’ social recognition and motivation, thus enhancing internal communication.

Keep the Corporate Culture Alive

  • You can convey your appreciation and gratitude to your employees who display behaviors reflecting your corporate culture and values in real time, and reward their achievements through Thanxie, contributing to the adoption and spreading of your corporate culture by all your employees.

Increase Employee Commitment

  • With Thanxie, you can build an environment where your employees are appreciated and acknowledged, their exemplary behaviors are supported and they are rewarded due to their contributions to your company, thereby increasing their confidence in and commitment to you and win the long-term loyalty of your successful and talented employees.

Thanxie is always by your side with its innovative features

Easy scaling

​Advanced data security

Cloud technology

Easy integration

​Mobile application

Next generation interface

Multiple language support

Parametric and flexible structure

​High technology and infrastructure

​Modern architecture

Everyone will Love Thanxie!

While promoting success, it entertains your employees, helps them express their gratitude, earn badges, level up and take their place in the champions league. Increases employee familiarity by facilitating social recognition.

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With Thanxie, your employees will both have fun and strengthen their communication.

Its recognition and appreciation system will motivate your employees.

Your company’s values will be easily adopted and spread.

Provide a unique employee experience with badge points and rewards

With Thanxie, employees distribute digital badges among each other, which are created in line with your corporate culture and values. Moreover, Thanxie is an application where not only managers but also all employees comment and give badges to each other. Your employees will earn points with the badges they collect and will choose a reward they like within your company’s reward catalog.

In addition, Thanxie will ensure that your employees are rewarded and get to know each other through interaction with its gamification-based structure. Each reward won in the application can be built in order to contribute to your corporate social responsibility and sustainability goals.

About Us

Operating with the vision of leading Turkey's digital transformation and globalizing with the power of software, SabancıDx is a digital and analytics solution partner that undertakes the mission of carrying institutions to the future by producing sustainable benefits with innovative digital ideas.

SabancıDx, with its expert staff, meets all the needs of companies in their digital transformation journey with its consultancy and technology services as well as next generation technologies, such as Advanced Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Industrial IoT, Robotic Workforce and Artificial Intelligence, which break new ground in the digital field.

Human Resources Digital Solutions HrWe, which is developed by SabancıDx, offers end-to-end solutions in human resources management and employee experience with its next generation technological infrastructure and power of data.

Meeting the next generations’ ways of doing business and expectations, HrWe solutions which support remote working and internal communication, comprised of Hrweb, Perfx, Thanxie, Booxpace applications.

You can visit the following link to review other members of our HrWe solutions.

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